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Keep your teams moving forward with the right training and right solutions from Agile Train Consulting! We provide the certifications and expertise to help you prepare for tomorrow's needs.

We can meet your unique needs in our in-person courses by Scaled Agile.

Embracing an agile development system may be the best you can do for your organization, and it comes with several benefits, all of which leading to enhanced process and product quality.

Agile Train Consulting helps you increase customer satisfaction, make the quality consistent, improve your team’s transparency and efficiency, reduce your risks for project failure, better the predictability of your project, and finally elevating your business’ value.

These are the courses we we currently offer around Systems and Organizational Agile Redesign (SOAR):

SAFe Scrum Master Course Starting SOON

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What They Say About Us

Amazing experience. Stephen and his team had awesome energy. I found their greatest strength was the anecdotal and real-world application of the examples. I even learned more about Agile Scrum in this course than I did in my previous certification course from another company. Fantastic.

- James Bradberry
SAFe Scrum Master Certification

I loved the pace of the entire course. I never felt lost or confused. Agile Train did an awesome job and I will be attending courses with them in the near future.

- Antonia Gasnarez
SAFe Scrum Master Certification

Overwhelmed with motivation. From start to finish Stephen and his team were absolutely captivating. I'll be encouraging the rest of my team to take on the next available course with Agile Train Consulting. Just wow.

- William McBride
SAFe Scrum Master Certification

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We aim at helping organizations transition to agility via Systems and Organizational Agile Redesign (SOAR) and set their business apart and toward the forefront of their industry.


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